A platform to accelerate and scale the success of Startups

The World Economic Forum is creating UpLink – a unique community and digital platform where Startups can interact with their global peers, multinationals, governments, universities, investors, and next generation technology solutions – to accelerate the future. Together we will enhance the ability of Startups to expand, create jobs, strengthen economic growth, prepare society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and generate a positive impact in the world.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented transition, Startups possess unique advantages to shape the future and convert constant disruption into positive outcomes. These young companies are the source for many of the technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and are also best placed to enable its benefits.
Klaus Schwab​Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

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How UpLink Works

UpLink builds community, drives collaborative innovation, and serves Startups as they scale. The platform provides a diverse mix of stakeholders, capabilities, tailored knowledge and solutions to accelerate and support Startup growth.

An unparalleled community for advancement

UpLink integrates Startups into a global leadership ecosystem, to set them up for future success. It offers peer to peer matchmaking, exchanges of industry-specific best practice, connections with mentors and experts, and exposure to investors.

Capabilities Monitor

UpLink’s Startup Capabilities Monitor provides a holistic understanding of a company’s state-of-play so that the most effective set of priorities, strategic goals and solutions for future success can be enabled – from work environment to Global Corporate Citizenship.

* This feature is in development for a Spring 2018 release

A Solutions Network for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The technology behind our Growth Engine continually identifies which solutions could match a Startup’s needs as they scale. The Forum and our platform partners provide a network of next generation services – from blockchain-enabled business products to technology infrastructure and Accounting as a Service.

* This feature is in development for a Spring 2018 release

The UpLink Platform prepares Startups for the future by building global growth into the company DNA from its start.

Global Insights

For each stage of a Startup’s growth journey, UpLink offers the relevant knowledge tools, data, and content. It brings together cross-industry issues, country-level business factors, and global trend analysis – using expert curation and AI-augmented technologies. This framework drives the aggregate capabilities and learning of the community.

Access to the world stage requires a platform for impact.
UpLink is the bedrock of support for that journey.

Get Involved

UpLink will launch in January 2018 at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Interested Forum Partners and pre-IPO Startups can:

  • Offer feedback and help to shape the functionality of UpLink
  • Become a next generation solutions provider for Startups 
  • Provide a source of Startups who are ready for global acceleration
  • Work with us to identify the global issues which would benefit the most from the energy of the Startup ecosystem. 

Are you a Startup, creating a better shared future? 

Help us to help you on your growth journey.

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For other information on UpLink, please contact: uplink@weforum.org