The Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The world’s challenges are increasingly complex and intertwined. The stakes are ever higher for achieving positive social and environmental impact.  We must reshape the nature of global innovation. We need more agile, diverse and responsive ways of thinking and engaging. And we need new models and partnerships that deliver sustainable, productive and scaleable entrepreneurship.

In this context, the World Economic Forum is launching the Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship as:

  • A physical and digital space dedicated to co-designing and sharing policy frameworks, norms and best practices – that strengthen innovation ecosystems and drive innovation-led growth.
  • A knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform to accelerate and scale the growth and success of a global community of innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • A champion for diverse, inclusive and sustainable innovation.
Our mission is the acceleration of innovation – facilitating impactful solutions to complex, world-critical problems. Our passion is aligning and empowering people around the globe to solve problems in new ways.
Cheryl Martin, Managing Director, World Economic Forum

Get Involved

The Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will launch in September 2018 at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China. Ahead of its launch interested Forum Partners and entrepreneurs can:

  • Work with us to identify the pain points and gaps within innovation ecosystems that limit growth
  • Share examples of effective policies, initiatives and innovation-enabling best practices that could be scaled
  • Offer feedback and help to shape the platform.

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